Mosevrå Church

Take a walk in the past

Mosevrå Church was built on 21 December 1891, at the same time as Oksby Church, as a replacement for Denmark's last thatched church.

Mosevrå Church is built in neo-Romanesque style in red stone with a slate roof. Mosevrå Church and Oksby Church are built according to the same drawings, where Mosevrå is simply smaller than Oksby Church.

From the old church you will find in Mosevrå Church the old altar silver in Romanesque style as well as the granite baptismal font and the associated baptismal font. The rest of the church originated from its construction.

The church itself is located deserted on the edge of Kallesmærsk heath, which is now one of Europe's largest combined military areas.


Find more information on Mosevrå Church's website.

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