Take a walk in the past

Lundbæk is an old manor house from 1805. In the park belonging to the property you can find, among other things, Denmark’s oldest yews. Today, the manor house is the home of North Jutland's Agricultural School.

There is public admission to the park and the forest where you will find the oldest linden trees in Denmark. On the opposite side of Lundbæk, you will find a tree which is estimated to be more than 400 years old. You will also find a monument raised in memory of the horse that carried General Schleppegrell in the battle of Isted in 1850. The horse is said to be buried on the Lundbæk estate, because General Schleppegrepp's girlfriend was a daughter of the Lord at Lundbæk.

Conferences and more at Lundbæk

It is possible to rent the rooms at Northern Jutland's Agricultural School for conferences, meetings, courses or summer camps. The school can accommodate small as well as large groups. 

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