Holsted Å

Take a walk in the past

The stream Holsted Å has its rise in the moor Vejen Mose and passes the towns: Brørup, Holsted, Gørding and Bramming. The stream continues into Sneum Å and ends in the Wadden Sea. Holsted Å is unregulated which means that is has its natural twisted course. The stream has very fine fishing water with a good population of trout. On the south-facing hillside is a protected oak underwood. The protection means that there will always be oak wood on the area. The habitats of nature moor, meadow and common along the stream are protected areas. The stream and its surroundings are also Natura-2000 area, which means that they are international nature protection area. The area is housing fish types such as brook lamprey, houting, river lamprey, and otters live in the area as well. 

Three routes are created along Holsted Å with distances of 2.4 km, 3.7 km and 4.7 km, respectively. Primarily they are hiking trails, which also pass through private areas, so please be considerate. The routes are marked with yellow, red and blue triangles on poles.  

Otters – a success story 
Along Holsted Å you may be lucky to find footprints from otters – or excrements. However, you will hardly see an otter, because it is shy and mostly active at night. The otter lives from fish, frogs, small mammals, birds and crustacean. Although the otter was protected in 1967, the population fell to 200 nationwide in the late eighties. Now there are 6-800 otters in streams in Jutland. The otter has adapted to life in water and has web between its toes and its body is long and streamlined.

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