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Take a walk in the past

Together with Stokkebro, Gjerrild is one of Denmark’s ancient villages. According to the oldest historicalrecords, Torkil of Gerwillie, a priest, was authorizedin 1251 by Pope Innocens IV to hold an additional church office, because the revenues of his living were poor. In 1468 Gjerrild Soegaard, a farm which exists today, was mentioned. It was owned by Anders Peterssoen Skytte, who on the 25th Nov. that year -at the thingstead of Noerre Herred - , acknowledged his debt of 9 Lubeck silver marks to Stygge Nielssoen Rosenkrantz of Hevringholm. In 1494, 3 dikes were claimed to be the due and lawful line of demarcation between Sostrup, Stokkebrogaard and Gjerrild:One stretching from Rohden to Stokkebrogaard,one to the corner of Stokkebrogaard’s orchard, and one from the corner of the orchard southwards into the water-meadow.

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