Geopark: Svendborg købstad

Take a walk in the past

Like Faaborg Svendborg had its “birth certificate” in 1229, but excavations suggest that the founding of the town happened some decades earlier. For centuries the town was confined inside its ramparts and the single storied buildings were nearly all concentrated along the two main streets, Møllergade and Gerritsgade. Today almost all single storey buildings are gone, but the medieval structure of Svendborg with its squares and narrow streets is well preserved. 

During the first many centuries the population grew or fell according to Florissant times or periods with war or diseases, but the number of inhabitants rarely exceeded 1500. Meanwhile, like the neighboring towns Svendborg had a rapid growth in the 19th century - the population grew from around 1700 to 11500 - but unlike the other towns at the archipelago Svendborg continued to grow and has today (2020) 27.068 inhabitants.

Shipbuilding, shipping and trade always played a big role in Svendborg, and 2008 the harbour was appointed one of the best preserved Danish harbours. So maritime history is outstanding in Svendborg, and the tradition seems to be continued since Svendborg International Maritime Academy, SIMAC, is building a new campus for 1000 students at the harbour front. Read about the harbour in site.

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