Geopark: Hvidkilde Estate

Take a walk in the past

Of these, Hvidkilde is the most prominent today, not only because of its beautiful and well-preserved main building and breeding farm but also because it forms a natural centre in a grand manor landscape of rare integrity. The many hillforts are evidence of the general importance of the areas during the Middle Ages and they should be viewed as a whole. The glacial landscape is completely dominated by the tunnel valley system and the lakes that in addition to the large wetlands have made room for forests of considerable size.

Furthest to the north lies a large castle embankment, Nielstrup hillfort. A little to the north west of this is Nielstrup manor, an independent main farm mentioned in the 1300s. The main building is of a later date, but the previous building was originally located on a low embankment surrounded by moats. On digital maps you can clearly see the shape of a rather large embankment.

Hvidkilde Slot itself is partially situated on an artificial embankment in the lake surrounded by water on all sides. Today, however, the main road between Faaborg and Svendborg goes right in front of the castle. South of the lake lies the large hillfort, Søbo, with no known relationship to the others. Archaeological finds from the embankment indicate that it was operational in the 1400s and thus close to the others timewise

Surrounding Hvidkilde there are large gardens just like at Nielstrup, where it however no longer exists. In the deer park behind Hvidkilde, you can find one of the few known par force (hunting with dogs) systems outside of the royal forests in Nordsjælland (North Zealand). 

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