Fregatten Jylland

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Fregatten Jylland

Take a walk in the past

There are lots of opportunities for fun activities at Fregatten Jylland - you can even try and experience life on the seas more than 100 years ago:

  • Help load a 30-pound muzzle-loading cannon and remember to hold your ears during the cannon show.
  • Go on a sailing tour with the Frigate’s old auxiliary boat “Barkassen” on Ebeltoft Bay.
  • Go with the climbing instructor 23 metres up in the rigging and see the ship, the town and the bay from above.
  • Try your strengths against Kalle Krudt’s treasure map, the Discharge Book, the interactive games of the exhibitions and the interesting historical crafts such as sail trimming and rope-making.

A 1000 stories come to life

The exhibition hall provides the opportunity for immersion in the ship’s very interesting history, and aboard the ship you can experience it full speed ahead when the museum’s guides show and explain how the drama unfolded aboard the big warship, which later became both the royal yacht and summer holiday digs for school children from the province.

Today, the ship is well-restored and ready to receive its guests in Ebeltoft, just as fine and well-kept as on the May day in 1864 when the ship and crew met their enemies at Helgoland.

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