"De fire årstider"

Take a walk in the past

The four seasons are from the winter of 1995/96, and made by the sculptor and curator Jens Lund, who was born in Videbæk.

The sculptures are called Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and are located inside Videbæk Anlæg on the lawn in front of the museum "Arne Haugen Sørensen Museum". The four seasons are made of French limestone.

In 1930 to 1994, the four seasons were set up at the Lake Pavilion by the Lakes in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, the sculptures were heavily affected by air pollution, and therefore ended up at the City of Copenhagen's depot on Amager. With the help of Jens Lund's daughter Hanne Lund, they were transported to Videbæk, and prepared for installation in Videbæk Lystanlæg.

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  • "De fire årstider"
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