Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding - dissemination center in Kolding

Take a walk in the past

When you visit Christiansfeld, we recommend that you start at Museum Kolding in Søstrehuset, Nørregade 14.

In the Museum shop, you buy admission to the entire Søstrehuset, after which you can freely walk around the entire house and see where the Sisters lived. Pay particular attention to the balusters. Søstrehuset has several exhibitions and information.

Explore the museum shop, where you can find brochures for the area.

You can book a place on guided tours with the museum host.

In Søstrehuset, by Museum Kolding, you can get information about the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld and the Brethren, see exhibitions or take a guided historical city walk.
Museum Kolding holds lectures and events as well as children's and family activities during holidays and public holidays - for further information see

Exhibitions in Søstrehuset

In Søstrehuset, Museum Kolding has changing special exhibitions - for more information contact Museum Kolding or read more at 

Find Museum Kolding's exhibition rooms on the ground floor of Søstrehuset, Nørregade 14, 6070 Christiansfeld.

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