Audebo Pumping Station

Take a walk in the past

All the landscape called the “Lammefjord” and the peninsula Tuse Næs in West Zealand would be under water if it were not for the pumping station Audebo. Every day Audebo Pumping Station dewaters the landscape of approximately 11.000 barrels of land. Via about 40 km of canals the water is lead into Audebo Pumping Station, from which about 16 million m3 is pumped into the ocean every year. The 2,3 km long dam at Audebo was finished in 1874.

Cycling by the Audebo Pumping Station

The Pumping station is surrounded by beautiful nature. The bicycle route “Fjordstien” goes right by the pumping staition. Follow the route to take the cycling trip “Around the Isefjord with the 4 ferries”, which follows the coast of the Isefjord and is connected by four ferries.  

Additionally, there are beautiful walking- and cycling routes on the peninsula Tuse Næs, south of the pumping station.

Sailing in the canals

It is possible to sail through the canals, but this requires permission from the Audebo Pumping Station. You must bring your own boat, and you can only sial from 15. June to 1. November, from 8 am to 7 pm.

Request permission by sending a mail to with the following information: start date, end date, sailing area, type of boat, contact info, number of people and the number of boats.

Guided tour of the Audebo Pumping Station

Contact Audebo Pumping Station to hear if it is possible to get a guided tour in English. Please note that you must be minimum 10 people to get a tour. Price: DKK 50,- per person.

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