Agostino Iacurci - Vangen 97

Take a walk in the past

The mural located in Løvvangen, Nørresundby, is based on an image of a patio, hence the name ‘Patio’ it is painted with the use of many different colours to give a vibrant experience. It was painted in 2018, and in 2015 Iacurci painted the mural ‘Three Wheels’ in Aalborg. The Artist, Agostino Iacurci, has worked with well-known brand names such as Adidas and Urban Outfitters. He works and lives in Rome.

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Destination NORD - Aalborg
Destination NORD - Aalborg

  • Agostino Iacurci - Vangen 97
  • Vangen 97-99
    9400 Nørresundby
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