Benefits - FAQ

 1. Pointshop
You can use your points in the point shop by logging in HERE. You have access to the items you have enough points for and you can put them in your basket. 

2. On stays 
Book directly at the hotel or via Small Danish Hotels. Payment with points must take place at the hotel. You have to make the hotel aware of whether you want to pay in full or in parts with your points. 

3. In restaurants 
When ordering, make it clear whether you want to pay in full or in part with your points.


You can sign up for the guest club Benefits HERE.




 Your points can be used for all payments at hotels under Small Danish Hotels. Points can also be used in the point-shop HERE

There are no restrictions on what or when you can use your points. You can part-pay with your points at the hotels but in the point-shop you must have the full amount of points to buy an item.   


No, it is not possible to buy extra point. 

If you book directly at the hotel or through Small Danish Hotels, you earn 1 point per. DKK 3,- on your total bill. This includes in addition to the room also restaurant, café, room service, various purchases and possibly fees.

If you stay several times a year, you have the opportunity to earn extra bonus points: 

5th night within the same calendar year triggers 300 extra points
10th night within the same calendar year triggers 600 extra points
20th night within the same calendar year triggers 1,200 extra points
40th night within the same calendar year triggers 2,400 extra points

You can earn points for purchases of up to DKK 5.000,- on your total room bill per. night. 
You earn points in the room you live in, regardless of whether you or others pay the bill.



Benefits points expire after 2 years (effective from October 2022) if no points are earned or redeemed during this period.

If you do not respond to our emails for 3 years, we will request your renewed consent to continue sending emails to you in order to comply with applicable regulations. If you do not renew your consent within 30 days after we have made this request, your guest club account, along with its associated points and personal information, will be automatically deleted.

It is possible to reduce the frequency of emails in the self-service portal if you find the volume of emails to be excessive.


No - Benefits are personal and only for individuals who stay at the hotels. Instead, Small Danish Hotels, in collaboration with the hotels, offers a special corporate agreement program that operates alongside Benefits. This does not affect the accumulation of points, but your company has the opportunity to earn an annual bonus.

Read more here.


You earn points in connection with accommodation. 

You earn points in the room you live in, whether you or someone else pays for the room. Only one person can earn points per. room. Everything you buy in the hotel and is written to your room gives points. Points for a maximum of DKK 5,000 in spending can be registered per room, per night.


At SDH Partner hotels, points are earned only on accommodation including breakfast and not on additional purchases.

7 points equals DKK 1,- when you use them.

It may take up to 8 days after departure before your points have been registered in your account.

Yes you can. To transfer points to someone else, you have to write to and indicate who you want to transfer points to and how many points. 

IMPORTANT: The e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address that you want the points transferred from.


Yes, you can buy a gift voucher from Small Danish Hotels and use it at all hotels with our international partnership Global Alliance of Private Hotels (more than 800 hotels in more than 80 countries).




You can unsubscribe from e-mails from Small Danish Hotels at any time via links in the e-mails you receive, just as you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at, or by post. letter sent to "Responsible for data protection, Small Danish Hotels, Vejlevej 16, 8700 Horsens, Denmark". Please note that unsubscribing from e-mails from Small Danish Hotels or withdrawal of consent will automatically result in you opting out of Benefits.

If you log in to your Benefits profile, you can also reduce the frequency of newsletters. Here you can also opt out of Benefits. Login HERE.