- for collecting and using points


1 A. You must be at least 18 years old and legally competent to participate in the Benefits programme.

1 B. Membership is personal, and your login information must not be disclosed to others.

1 C. It is your responsibility to update your contact details if they change.

1 D. It is your responsibility to ensure your points do not expire.

1 E. Small Danish Hotels reserves the right to change or discontinue the programme without notice.

1 F. By accepting these terms, you are also accepting our Privacy Policy.


2 A. Stays can be booked directly with the hotel or through Small Danish Hotels, however not SDH Partner hotels or, either by telephone or online at www.smalldanishhotels.dk.

2 B. Other booking channels may also be used. Please note the section on ‘Earning points’ below.


3 A. To be a member of Benefits, you must register a valid email address.

3 B. By becoming a member, you accept that Small Danish Hotels may store your contact details and usage history, and store information about your preferences in order to provide targeted, relevant marketing.

3 C. As a member you will receive promotional emails from us and from the hotels you have visited. If a hotel you have visited is owned jointly with other hotels, you may receive emails from a common mailing list for these hotels. The frequency of these emails may vary, and you have the option to reduce it. It is possible to unsubscribe individually from emails from the various hotels.

3 D. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, you will be unregistered from the guest club and your points balance will be deleted.

Earning points

4 A. Points can be earned from all hotels who are member of Small Danish Hotels and SDH Partner hotels. If a hotel has withdrawn from the chain you can no longer earn points there, even if your overnight stay was booked prior to the hotel withdrawing from the chain.

4 B. Points can only be assigned to persons registered as guests at the hotel.

4 C. Points can only be assigned to one person per room.

4 D. You earn points for your entire bill in connection with an overnight stay. Only purchases charged to the room you are staying in and paid for under a single bill are eligible for points. At SDH Partner hotels, points are only earned on accomodation incl. breakfast and not on additional purchases. 

4 E. For packages (involving overnight stays), the entire package price is registered per room and cannot be divided into a room and restaurant component. 

4 F. Points for a maximum of DKK 5,000 in spending can be registered per room, per night  (for the room plus other purchases charged to the room).

4 G. For overnight stays booked via Small Danish Hotels or directly with the hotel, you earn 1 point per DKK 3.00 you spend. 

4 H. If you are part of a group paid for by someone else, you will receive 125 points per night.

4 I. You are not entitled to receive points until final payment has been made.

4 J. It may take up to 8 days after departure before your points have been registered in your account.

4 K. Points credited to your account fraudulently or by mistake can be reversed by Small Danish Hotels at any time. If you fully or partially use points which were clearly assigned in error, you may be held liable to pay compensation.

4 L. Points cannot be purchased.

4 M. You will also earn points when you pay with points. 

4 N. Points are credited automatically. If this is not done correctly, you must make the hotel aware of this within six months of departure in order to have the correct number of points credited.

4 O. Points are credited exclusively on overnight stays booked through Small Danish Hotels or directly at the hotel. Points are not awarded for bookings made via a third party or paid for with gift cards from other than the hotel or from Small Danish Hotels.

Using points

5 A. Points can be used to pay for all products and services at hotels that are members of Small Danish Hotels, and in the points shop at www.smalldanishhotels.dk. If a hotel has left the chain, points can no longer be used, even if the stay was booked before the hotel left the chain. Points can not be used at SDH Partner hotels.

5 B. The prices of overnight stays, products and services are stated only in points, and these point values are not convertible to cash amounts.

5 C. Overnight stays paid for using points must be booked directly with the hotel or via smalldanishhotels.com.

5 D. You can make a partial payment with your points at our hotels, but in our Points Shop you must have the full amount to purchase any items.

Point post-registration

6 A. If points have not been registered more than eight days after departure, or have been registered incorrectly, they can be added or corrected up to six months after the date of departure. You can request this using the appropriate form at www.smalldanishhotels.dk or by contacting the hotel directly.

6 B. You cannot post-register or correct points later than six months after departure.

Payment and prices

7 A. Payment can be made using cash, credit cards, gift vouchers or on credit, subject to special agreement with the hotel.

7 B. We guarantee that members of the guest club always get the cheapest advertised price on the day.

Points balance

8 A. As part of your Benefits membership you have received a personal username and password to log into the self-service system at www.smalldanishhotels.dk. You can monitor your points balance and usage here, and change your contact details etc.

8 B. Your points balance can always be viewed at www.smalldanishhotels.dk. You will also be informed of your balance in the status and newsletter emails we send you.

Point expiry

9 A. Benefits points will expire after 2 years, if you do not earn or use points during this period.

9 B. If you have not been inactive for 12 months we may ask your permission again to continue sending you emails. If you do not renew your permission within 30 days of being requested to do so, your guest club account, all associated points, and any personal information we have stored about you, will be automatically deleted.


10 A. The agreement may be terminated at any time by the customer.

10 B. Small Danish Hotels reserves the right – at its sole discretion – to terminate an agreement, for example due to non-payment. The same applies if a customer is deemed to have breached the agreement, for example through crude, disrespectful, unethical, criminal or amoral behaviour towards Small Danish hotels, one of the hotels belonging to the chain, or any of the chain’s partners. The same applies if the terms of the agreement have been breached. Small Danish Hotels is not required to state the reason for terminating the agreement. Deleted points will not be set off against any amount due.

10 C. Upon termination, any earned points will lapse and cannot be converted into cash.

Tax conditions

11 A. Services obtained using points earned from business activities under the Benefits scheme, and used for private purposes, are taxable. Small Danish Hotels has no obligation to report this information. It is therefore up to you to report this to your employer and the Danish tax authorities (SKAT).

11 B. Products and services obtained using points earned from private activities and used for private purposes are not taxable.


12 A. Your membership does not expire, as long as you renew your permission for us to send you emails within 30 days of being requested to do so.

Force Majeure

13 A. Small Danish Hotels cannot be held liable for force majeure incidents such as strikes, lockouts, bankruptcies, fires, legal amendments or the like that prevent use of the agreement.

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Updated on June 1, 2023. These terms and conditions apply until superseded by a newer version.