Wild on Purpose

Take a walk in the past

Wild on Purpose is an experiment in how a less intensive cultivation can make our urban nature more sensual, and provide space for several different plants and animals in the city. Here weeds are elevated to beneficial herbs, and creep and crawl to beneficial animals.

City and nature are not mutually exclusive. In a world where biodiversity is declining, it is important to investigate how humans can live in interaction with many other species. A high biological diversity is also important to us humans. It contributes both directly and indirectly to our survival, wellbeing, and recreation.

From 1 april to 1 november 2012, a corner of Univeritetsparken off the Computer Science Department will be allowed to grow freely and everyone can visit and enjoy it.

At www.vildmedvilje.dk you will find an regular update on the development of this experiment during 2012, and you can see photos and a list of species from the season 2011. On facebook.com/VildMedVilje you can join the debate on the future of urban nature and share your pictures of the city's wild oases.

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