The Old Bridge over the Little Belt

Take a walk in the past

There is the possibility for a nice bike ride or a walk through the Snoghøjgaardpark on the Fredericia side, then across the Old Bridge where you have a fantastic view over the Little Belt and the beautiful forest, Hindsgavl Park, on the Middelfart side.

If you want an extra experience, you can walk on top of the bridge - the so-called “bridgewalking”, for which you should book a ticket at

If you want to stay near the Old Little Belt Bridge, you can choose between Hotel Medio and Trinity Hotel & Conference Center.

The Old Little Belt Bridge, formerly called Little Belt Bridge was built in 1925-1935 and was the first permanent link between Jutland and Funen. The construction itself was an important engineering achievement in the interwar period, and with the simultaneous introduction of a new state railway, the transport time between Jutland and the capital was considerably reduced.

However, as early as the 1950s, the development of automobile construction made a new connection across the Little Belt (Lillebælt) necessary, and in 1970 the New Little Belt Bridge was completed.

Fun fact: The Old Little Belt Bridge is depicted on the Danish 100 kroner banknote.

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