The Museums at Skovsgaard

Take a walk in the past

Sevants Museum

This manor on the southern Langeland, provides a beautiful tableau for a museum of carriages and coachwork. The servants museum features the accommodation and working conditions of servants. Coming from the grand rooms upstairs we move downstairs to the meager servant quarters with many tiny workrooms. In one of these you can find information on their conditions around year 1900 on the displayboards.

Carriage Msueum
The carriage museum covers transportation prior to the arrival of the car, and shows horse-drawn carriages from 1900. 25 different vehicles, ranging from wagons to carts and private carriages, are placed in the old stable. In here, the vehicles are put in sceneries copying their natural surroundings. For instance: the wedding carriage is drawn by an Oldenburgian horse in a scenery from Rudkøbing year 1900 with old house facades, cobblestones, signs and streetlalmps.
In the carriagethe just-married couple sits, and on the box a stylish coachman.

Skovsgaard is owned by The Danish Nature Fund which is responsible for the organic running of the manor’s lands. During the summer, the Fund arranges a number of nature walks through the area.

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