The Little Farmshop

Take a walk in the past

The more than 100 year old hen-house of "The Little Farmshop" has been transformed into a cozy and nostalgic farmshop. A great opportunity to buy unique presents and local specialties. You can even buy a basket full of organic goods.

The Little Farmshop sells organic foods, such as meet, sausages, flour, coffee, chocolate and other delicious specialities.

You can also buy nice and practical things for the garden or your home, such as garden tools, modern garden clothes for women, posters, cards, books, kitchen towels, aprons and tools for preparation of vegetables and fruit.

Some of the very popular items of the farmshop also include the delicious homemade jam, juice, fresh eggs, as well as fruit and vegetables from the garden. 

Opening hours

For opening hours, please check out The Little Farmshop's website.

You are welcome to call +45 61 99 15 22.

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