The Art Towers of Langeland

Take a walk in the past

Tower Art from north to south The 12 Art Towers are scattered over most of Langeland and each tower has its own artist who, in one way or the other, is connected to the island. The artist Hans Kjær, who is one of the exhibitors, got the idea for this special way of exhibiting art. He says that the “art tower” creates interesting and special demands on the artists as the base of a tower is only 1.5m x 1.5m. In contrast, there is 8m to the ceiling.

This is Denmark’s longest art exhibition. A tour to all the towers is about 150 km long and is open around the clock. We recommend that you take it in several chunks when you are out and about in Langeland’s nature.

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Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland
Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland