Rungstedlund gardens and bird sanctuary

Take a walk in the past

Rungstedlunds 40 acres of land, which comprise the gardens and a grove, are maintained as a bird sanctuary, which is open all day.

Take a walk starting from the main entrance to the Karen Blixen Museum. Follow the path past the pond and the white bridge, and you will reach the orchard and the flower garden, which supplies the rooms of the house with fresh flowers in season. The path eventually leads to the highest point in the grove, known as Ewalds hill. Karen Blixen is buried under the large beech tree at the foot of the hill.

The grove is a forest reserve with beech trees, many of which are between 250 and 300 years old. The benches dotted around the grove are named after birds or people with a personal link to the house.

In 1958, Karen Blixen decided to turn Rungstedlund into a bird sanctuary for migratory birds. Today, the sanctuary is supervised by the Danish Ornithological Society, which has hung and maintains around 200 nesting boxes. Their efforts have meant that some 40 different species of birds now breed here.

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  • Rungstedlund gardens and bird sanctuary
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