Museum of Danish Military Uniforms - kopi

Take a walk in the past

Come and experience Danish military uniforms

Viggo Hans has, for nearly 50 years, collected Danish miiltary uniforms and accessories. The collection consists of approx. 400 uniforms, of which well over 280 are displayed on figures.

From the guest book: What an exhibition!! – Super fine/impressive – Worth a visit

The collection is divided between the three military forces; the army, the Navy and air force, and the Home Guard. There are uniforms and accessories dating from 1850 and until today. At the intendant’s office you can purchase badges of rank and regiments and reading matter for little money. The exhibition is member of Dansk Hærhistoriske Museer (Museums of Danish Army History) ( as the only museum in Vesthimmerland.

There is free entrance.

There are great parking conditions, entry from Løgstørvej. Vi have a newly decorated mess, where the guests are more than welcome to enjoy their own coffee and cake etc. There is room for approx. 30 guests in the mess.

Unions and groups are welcome.

Opening hours:

We are open in June, July, August and in week 42.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the 1st and 3rd Saturday every month from 1-5 pm.

Additionally, we are open throughout the whole year by appointment.

Viggo Hansen says: “I have had the exhibition displayed for approx. 15 years in Randers in a preserved military arsenal, but when it was sold to a private person, there was no longer room for me. Until now, it has been packed away. We were so happy when we in 2013 found the approx. 900 sqm big house in Strandby near Farsø. It will take some years before I have everything in place. It is in no way a complete collection, but I am still working on making it as complete as possible.”

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