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Take a walk in the past

Hørsholm Egns Museum is a cultural-historical museum. The museum works with both archeology and modern history. Temporal the museum covers the iceage to the present.
Visiting the museum you will meet the Stone Age hunters in their 7.500 years old graves, discover their settlements and learn about their lives. Also you will find the best preserved child skeleton, a 5 year old boy, who has been living made by a reconstruction of his head.
In this museum you will also find an exhibition of the beautiful, but now lost,HirscholmPalace.
There was both a medieval castle and a castle build in the 16thcentrury as a royal hunting seat, before the Royal palace, known as the Versailles of the north, was build in 1730-1744. This palace was the setting for several of the scandalous events of the time. The Museum has a permanent exhibition which features images, paintings and items from the palace.

This palace was the setting of the loveaffair between the Queen Caroline Mathilde and the court physician J.F. Struensee. Struensee had gained power to rule the country as the King Christian 7 was insane. He performed a large-scale reform policy, but the powerelite was not ready for this and Struensee was overthrown and executed. The exhibition holds materials pertaining to the history, trial and execution of Struensee, and you will also find a lot of the popular prints and pictures, that was published at the time, to denigrate Struensee.

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