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Karen Blixen’s bedroom


”It is not a bad thing to die, it is a good thing. In my time, I’ve seen many people die… and I now feel that death is not an interruption of life but a rounding off.”


Karen Blixen in a radio interview (1958).



Karen Blixen’s bedroom at Rungstedlund will be opened to the public for the first time. Karen Blixen’s pine-clad bedroom is located on the upper floor. The room once belonged to her brother Thomas Fasti Dinesen as his boyhood bedroom and along with Ewald’s Room, it became Karen Blixen’s apartment when she returned from Kenya in 1931. She used it until her death in 1962. Here she woke to a view of the Sound, and here she spent her final days.


The walls are clad with dark brown, stained pine panels. The mahogany bed is English. The bedspread and matching curtains are linen with Oriental motifs, including birds that are found in Rungstedlund’s hides.


The two green ceramic birds above the bed Karen Blixen brought home with her from Kenya. The painting to the right of the bed was painted by Clifford Wright, a gift from the artist. The carpet is made of Persian wool.

The bedroom has been curated by John Christensen with a lightness to ignite our imagination. Karen Blixen used theatre lighting when she put on her makeup, her mask, white with black kohl around her eyes. From this very place she prepared herself for her grand tour in the US, before her illness made her too weak to ever leave her beloved Rungstedlund.


Photo: Danny Gudnitz

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