Glud, Hjarnø and Snaptun

Take a walk in the past

An eventful haven for the whole family.

The area offers many historical landmarks such as Viking burial sites, cannons, an old jail, Gallows Hill and an old brick mill. Enjoy the atmosphere among the ancient buildings at one of Denmark's oldest open-air museums, Glud Museum, or explore the world’s largest collection of Ferguson tractors at Denmark’s Ferguson Museum – two museums visualizing historical rural life in different ways.

The harbor town of Snaptun is the ferry hub to the islands of Hjarnø, Endelave and Alrø in Horsens Fjord.

It is also a popular holiday destination in itself for boaters because it is a good base for experiencing coastal nature.

Hjarnø is ten minutes from Snaptun and offers cozy Danish island atmosphere. The nature and rich culture is best explored on foot or by bike.

You can also choose from many annual events like Snaptun Harbor’s Mussel Festival and tractor sightseeing tours on Hjarnø.

For the most invigorating coastal views, take a walk on the Coastal Path between Snaptun and Juelsminde.

Take your mountain bike on exploration in Bjerge Forest, catch sea trout by Denmark’s Silver Coast or take a trip to the beach. Visit a coffee house in an old barn or the highest point of the Juelsminde peninsula.

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