The Bolund Stone & Lille Valby Meadows

Take a walk in the past

The Bolund Stone north of Roskilde by Salvadparken and the Bolund peninsula is a remnant of the ice age. The legend has it that a sorceress tried to throw the stone at the Roskilde Cathedral.

However, it missed its target, and today it can be seen in the meadows of Lille Valby Enge. The peculiar preserved iceland/peninsula of Bolund is an interesting geological phenomenon in the low waters of the fjord. The flora of the hill and the meadows is very exciting and from Bolund you can watch the birds at the meadows and in the low waters.

Public path and information stand.

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VisitFjordlandet, Roskilde
VisitFjordlandet, Roskilde

  • The Bolund Stone & Lille Valby Meadows
  • Ved Frederiksborgvej, Bolundstenen
    4000 Roskilde