Naturpark Nissum Fjord

Take a walk in the past

Nissum Fjord Nature Park includes the fjord and the surrounding natural and cultural landscape. Here are different habitats; fjord, forests, meadows, dune heaths, forests and lakes. The cultural landscape includes villages, manor houses, agriculture and agricultural land.

Nissum Fjord and some surrounding areas are laid out as a bird sanctuary with a rich and exciting bird life. With its location on the trekking route along the West Coast, the fjord attracts many resting birds in the spring and autumn of their journey to and from the Arctic breeding areas to the winter stays in Southern and Western Europe.
The fjord is not only a resting place, but also an important area for breeding birds. Therefore, there are certain rules about traffic on and around the fjord. Windsurfing is permitted in Nissum Fjord during certain periods and in certain areas.

One of the great experiences in the Nissum Fjord Nature Park is the fjord route that runs around Nissum Fjord. The route is on a 70 km marked red route that goes through all the small fjord ports.

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