Take a walk in the past

A visit to Naturkraft offers a wide range of experiences and activities. You can try the wind machine and feel the difference between storm and gale, or sense the smells of the pine forest, see the blooming heath landscape and learn more about the types of nature that can be found in Western Jutland.

At Naturkraft you will discover how nature consists of a number of correlations that you don't necessarily think about on a daily basis. This means that you and your family have the opportunity to play your way to a greater awareness of nature, sustainability and climate.

Adrenaline rush in Zorbing balls
One of Naturkraft’s newest attractions are the Zorbing balls. You can experience gravity in action inside a patented Zorbing ball. These are large, transparent plastic balls in which you are strapped in before being left to gravity for an adrenaline-inducing ride down a specially made track. Naturkraft is the only attraction in Denmark where you can try these original Zorbing balls.

Try your strength against the flow of a rip current
The rip current is another unique installation at Naturkraft. The rip current installation is able to show in physical form what happens when an undercurrent breaks through a sandbank (or riffle) along the west coast. You can experiment and try your strength against the rip current to gain an understanding of how to navigate the sudden currents out in the real sea.

New expeditions every day
In Naturkraft we have new expeditions every day that are suitable for the weather conditions. On expeditions you can explore nature’s invisible forces, dive into nature’s secrets or become a "heat hunter" and thus play your way to new knowledge about nature’s fascinating forces. If the weather is best suited to indoor activities, you can visit the three domes in the main building, each with its own exciting exhibition.

Pop inside

Our main building is full of different exhibitions about the fascinating nature and human interaction with nature. Experience the circle of life through a tall tree – or see how the climate changes, when humans are involved in our interactive game ‘Man in nature’

Facts about Naturkraft

  • Naturkraft is a science park for all ages
  • The park's focus is exploring, feeling and playing with nature’s wild forces
  • There are indoor and outdoor activities all year round
  • The aim is to increase guests’ awareness of nature, sustainability and climate
  • Naturkraft's address is Naturparken 10, 6950 Ringkøbing, Denmark.
  • To find out more and/or buy a ticket

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